Steel Systems Engineering, Inc. (SSE) is a worldwide leading structural steel detailing company committed to providing quality detailed fabrication drawings and 3D Building Information Modeling services. Since founded in 1981, the company has successfully navigated well over three decades of detailing numerous landmark steel-framed structures across the globe. Currently, SSE employs 170 people between its headquarters in Los Angeles, California and wholly owned subsidiary office in Manila, Philippines. The company has built and sustained a compelling rapport for drawing accuracy, on-time deliverables, and clean drawing presentation. Other notable qualities include thorough project-tracking documentation, speed, skill, dependability, integrity and diligent customer service.

The vast diversity of the company’s past completed projects have deeply enriched its capabilities and reliability level when hired to detail structural steel designs of today and future. These projects consist of ornate shapes, diverse steel specifications and innovative structurally engineered systems (i.e. Buckling Restrained Bracing, SidePlate Systems, Steel Plate Shear Walls). Combined, all SSE detailed projects amount to over one thousand steel structures and surpass one million tons of structural and miscellaneous steel. This ocean of collected experience has generated a powerful resource used to avoid, prevent or overcome all challenges that could obstruct detailing performance or construction schedule.

Steel Systems Engineering consistently proves to execute under the extreme and demanding pressures of fast-track project deliveries in a constant design change environment, all the while incorporating each customer’s individually stringent shop standards. The necessity for a steel detailer to perform well under pressure cannot be overstated. It is crucial to current construction industry conditions and practices and is often undermined during the bidding process of a project. Awarding a project to the most qualified detailing company who utilize legally licensed software is pivotal to the entire construction team and overall project outcome.

The SSE team’s constant exercise of integral business behaviors are based upon ethical values and convey the epitome of a true business partnership. It is evident they position customers as a top priority and take great pride in their satisfaction. Many have given praise for their array of supportive actions that facilitate exceptional teamwork, honest forwardness and the relentless determination needed to achieve successful construction. Additional praises includes immediate responsiveness and a consistently clear and concise dialogue. This particularly imperative convenience is predicated to their strategic appointment of its Los Angeles headquarters office to serve as the sole contact for all customer communication and for its personnel to include savvy SDS2 & Tekla administrators, seasoned steel detailers, project managers and bid estimators. This applied use of logistics has been paramount to accomplishing the incumbent task of promptly providing customers with all immediate needs during their normal working hours.

All of this company’s harmoniously functioning components have proven to be a major factor in many first-time customers developing into life-long repeat business and reinforces the better judgment in choosing to hire Steel Systems Engineering. To-date, SSE has been working together with its reputable clientele for the past quarter-century.



Simon Schusterman founded Steel Systems Engineering in 1981. His initial staff was comprised of a hand-full of civil engineering scholars with manual drafting experience. In an effort to gain leverage in the steel detailing industry, Simon was one of the first to aggressively utilize a program called, Geometric Data Flow (GDF) and quickly became a major proponent of the software. It had significantly complimented AutoCAD to enhance the company’s detailing productivity. By the early 1990’s, Simon had developed paramount relationships with reputable west coast heavy-steel fabrication companies, helping gain strong notoriety within the industry. With its burgeoning success through the mid-90’s, the company soon expanded its workforce and began detailing landmark steel structures nationwide. SSE continued its expansion with the development of a wholly owned subsidiary branch office in Manila, Philippines.