Quality Assurance


Steel Systems Engineering’s execution of consistency in producing quality shop fabrication drawings is accredited to the hard-work exerted by each and every member within its team of long-retained and seasoned detailers, modelers, editors and project managers. They have sacrificed long hours and rigorous efforts in delivering quality fabrication drawings, on-deadline.

The company formed and molded together a large core group of well-educated civil engineering scholars from prominent universities during the early expansion stages. As time passed and the company grew, so has their bond to SSE and the SSE family, thereby creating a healthy and sustainable operational atmosphere within the office and coworkers.

Many SSE detailers are unique for beginning their careers as ‘old-school’ manual detailers. Meaning to say, their experience from manual drafting has developed into a more thoughtful process and understanding in presenting and submitting proper RFIs and shop-friendly shop drawings. Their old-fashioned hand-drawn quality is still reflected even through the use of current 3D detailing programs.

SSE habitually strives to preserve error-free detailing complimented by a clean and clear presentation for each generated shop drawing. Extensive time is mandated to, meticulously, edit each drawing and adjusted to fit client-specific shop requirements. The responsiveness, production speed and quality of its well presented shop drawings jointly facilitate the potential to optimize fabrication shop output and a smooth erection process at the jobsite. Several SSE detailed projects have resulted in its construction completion well ahead of schedule.




A series of drawings checks and edits are routinely employed throughout the approval drawing process. Additional rounds of checking occur after design changes are instructed and incorporated. Prior to fabrication drawing submission, a final round of drawing checks is executed to ensure quality completeness.