Steel Detailing


Steel detailing is the preparation of shop fabrication drawings derived from the accurate interpretation of project design documents. Steel detailers scrutinize and interpret the engineer’s design so to translate their intent into the language of the steel fabrication industry, otherwise known as shop fabrication drawings. Communication, organization and analysis of the structural design is essential to correctly interpret the designer’s intent. A consistent, high-performing steel detailer is an absolute critical component towards achieving successful steel construction. If you cannot rely on the performance of your detailer, you can expect construction costs to exceed your allocated budget and to endure a grueling and problematic construction process until the bitter end. More importantly, you risk permanent loss of future business from your displeased client.

Steel detailers extract information from the design documents to develop mill orders, 3D models, automated machinery production files, shop drawings and other supporting services once the notice to proceed is given. In efforts to thoroughly interpret inadequate design documentation, detailers are required to generate a “paper trail” of information widely-known as formal Requests for Information (RFI). Detailer RFIs, commonly ask pertinent questions about missing and/or ambiguous information within the design documents. The design team must then expend all efforts to thoroughly and promptly answer the submitted RFIs so not to impede detailing production. The quicker RFIs are responded to, the faster detailers can generate and submit accurately interpreted shop drawings without impacting the project schedule.